What I’m wearing.

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//I am not one for having my photo’s taken but clothes is something I am absolutely adore like most bloggers out there. While shopping today I picked up numerous amounts of clothes which were near purchases but I resisted, somehow. At the back of mind I could hear a voice saying ‘car tax to pay car tax to pay’ so I grumpishly (is that even a word?) hung it back up in the shop. I pretty much did that for the length of my time shopping.

//Instead of showing off what I have (n’t) brought my mind was telling me to show off some clothes out of my monstrously unorganised wardrobe- which my boyfriend is always having a moan at. Because let’s face it I do have a lot of clothes and I probably don’t even wear half of them but ONE DAY I will wear it, I’m sure a lot of people say the same.


FotorCreated//So today I was wearing a combination of high street shops.

//Top    –  Urbanoutfitters
Jeans – Topshop Joni
Shoes – New look

//I am a T-shirt and jeans girl ultimately and I love boyfriend style clothes but I feel it doesn’t do anything for my figure, I mean the whole time I was attempting to take photographs I kept thinking ‘oh my my legs are so chunky, why do I keep slumping? I need a hair cut….it could go on and on’ and REMIND me to invest in a tripod, you should of seen my set up, had a chair on the garden table I had a foot rest on that and Disney’s Tangled dvd propping my camera with some driftwood. Pffft. I know. And what I’ve learnt from these photo’s is why my fringe is a different colour to my hair?!? My hair colour is completely natural – how bizarre.

//Let me know what you think about this little post as I don’t feel completely sure about it! Any feedback would be much appreciated.

Thank you for reading, see you all soon.

While I was writing this I was listening to a band called Everything Everything
Song of the day – Spring/Summer/Autumn/Dread

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